Book Reviews

Sandy Reiman - Retired Teacher & MN RDG Tutor

July 14, 2014

Children need to spend time pondering life. To ask the questions Charlotte has raised will get the kids engaged with discussion with parents and grandparents, babysitters, or friends.

I Wonder Why...That's a big one!


Mike and Kristin Myhre

January 31, 2014

"The Wonder Series"

Our 3 year old is big fan of the Wonder Series. You can visibly see his imagination working to comprehend the different “I Wonder” questions. We like that when we read the books to him he understands each word. Illustrations are simple but well done. Quite often he will return to the books and page through the entire series using the different images to work through the different “I Wonder” questions on his own.

Val Corman, Lily Lake Elementary

January 16, 2014

The Wonder Series books by Charlotte Babler are absolutely precious for young children. Its simple words and darling pictures will spark every child's curiosity. Each book has a special "I wonder..." that captures readers imagination and touches your heart.

Kathryn Benton

August 5, 2013
I Wonder...Where Does the Wind Go?
I purchased a couple of these books to give to my grandkids when I have them. That's how much fun I had reading them myself. Watch any child you read to or help read these books get caught up in the fun. In the age of being entertained these books really get the imagination going.


Joann Golden - Independent School District 917

July 28, 2013
This review is from: I Wonder...What Could It Be?
I have read all 5 books from this seires and they are creative, imaginative and interactive. While reading these books with your children you will see their gears turning as they think and "wonder" about the world around them. For parents it brings them back to a child like state of mind and to the world in which their children live. These books are beautifully written from a childrens mind set and the illistrations bring it to life. My son enjoys these books very much!