About the Author - Charlotte Babler

Charlotte Babler - Author - Publisher

  •    I have had more wonderful years with children than I have without. I am the proud mother of three wonderful children and the grandmother of two beautiful little girls. I choose to work as a childcare provider so that I could be with my children, little did I know how rewarding the job would be. Every day was an adventure that was lead by little people. My days were filled with contagious laughter, playing games, crafts and naps. I spent my days with innocence and it was magical. I treasured every little child that came through my childcare center.

    As my three children grew older, I found myself at the end of my career in childcare. I left the life that I knew and loved. I stumbled through my life with a heaviness that I could not shake, leaving a hole in my heart where all of the children had lived. I had a bad case of empty nest syndrome, not only for my own children, but all of the children that I had cared for throughout the years. I found myself needing to stay connected somehow, so I started writing. I decided to write about all of the wonderful memories that I had stored from that special time in my life. Each memory holds love, humor, and sweetness. All of my writing stems from the privilege of watching children grow and learn in their world… I enjoyed my time in wonderland!

    All of the children that have come into my life are my inspiration. Memories of watching them play as they became more excited  about an idea they had or watching them learn about the world around them for the first time! Priceless! Everything is new and exciting in the eyes of a child…and I was lucky enough to be a part of it!